Meet the Young Entrepreneur Behind Our Landscaping Company

About Belbot

Belbot Services began with one young entrepreneur with a strong mindset and unstoppable dedication.

Mike Belbot established his company in 2009 and has grown exceptionally, working hard to build Belbot Services’ reputation and company each year. With more and more customers giving Mike their business opportunities, many have been blown away with the work that such a young man can execute and the pride and intent he holds behind it all.



We currently have the pleasure of working with Mr. Mike Belbot of Belbot Services. Our condominium complex always looks for a vendor that is honest, reliable and competitively priced.

Most of all we look for quality. Belbot Services is the Company that fits that requirement. After asking for his card at the initial contact, he politely responded by saying "Thank you very much sir for asking for my business card." I was impressed. Due to the problems of switching companies that did not fit our requirements, we had cold feet. That's not any fault of Belbot Services. We decided based on several meetings with this young entrepreneur we awarded Belbot Services for 2012 Lawn Maintenance contract. We were pleasantly surprised. We then proceeded to award the winter snow removal contract. Again, we were pleasantly surprised.

He never asked for this referral and business reference. This is the first time I ever wrote a letter unless a vendor asked for one. Our complex loves this company. That in itself is rare. Mr. Belbot addresses all concerns with care, a smile and a handshake. He is instructed to call me anytime of the day or night if there is a problem. If you are looking for a young growing company, that will exceed your expectations, I would not hesitate asking for his services. So far he is one of the best vendors we ever had. Thank you again Mr. Mike Belbot for exceeding our expectations. Ask him about other services he can do for you.

-Eric Brushaber-
Royal Park Townhouses of Royal Oak, MI